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Nia Jax asks WWE to use an unedited version of her Women’s Tag title photo

Last week, WWE posted this image of Women’s Tag Team champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to their Instagram.

If it looks more like a painting than a photograph, that’s because it’s heavily edited. Jax noticed, and made the reasonable request for WWE to use a non-manipulated version. She explains it’s because she doesn’t like what it says, and she takes pride in both her natural beauty and hard show business work & skill that already goes into her appearance.

“I get that Facetune is a thing now, but I’m not a big fan. I wear enough makeup and have great hair installed to pick up where I lack in looks, Facetune is a bit much. Yes, in my untouched pic you can see a big zit on my chin, whatevs. I have asked WWE to please replace my obviously facetuned pic with the untouched [version]. I’m not happy with the message it sends.”

Fans often find Nia “polarizing” (excuse the WWE-speak), but she’s 100% in the right here.

I couldn’t find any renders of the Tag champs on, or social media since last Friday’s SmackDown. All of those still use the Facetune-d version, however.

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