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NXT delivers on their promise of a new champion

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And with a clean finish, no less!

NXT promoted that a new champion would be crowned after last week’s 4Way Iron Man match featuring the “four pillars” of the brand - Finn Bálor, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano.

It didn’t happen, because Bálor and Cole ended up tied at two falls a piece. General Manager William Regal promised we’d get a champion on Sept. 8’s Super Tuesday II.

Did it happen this week?

The continuation of the saga that began when Karrion Kross’ separated shoulder forced him to vacate the title opened the show. Regal was there with the belt, as Alicia Taylor introduced the two longest reigning champions in NXT history.

It was hold-for-hold and counter-for-counter at the start, as two men who’d recently gone six minutes began methodically. Cole was first to go for a big move, getting two off a neckbreaker.

Attempting to make things more physical backfired when the Prinxe took control with elbows and an array of other strikes. That signaled an increase in the pace of the match, and each man spent time in control during the middle portion.

When the action spilled to the outside, Bálor could have won by countout, but opted not to. The decision cost him when he aimed his guns only to charge right into a superkick.

A Figure Four damaged Finn’s knee, but didn’t stop him from hitting Coup de Grace. Amazingly, the Panama City Playboy kicked out.

He fought back to connect with his own Last Shot finisher, but Bálor wouldn’t stay down for three. Both men struggled to end the war, and the quest took them to the top.

From there, the man who was a Demon the last time he was champion became champion again. A super 1916 put Cole down for the count, and the Prinxe reigns over NXT once again.

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