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Somebody got kicked in the face during an NBA playoff game, the internet had Sweet Chin Music jokes

Last night (Sept. 7), while many of us scripted fighting aficionados were watching Raw, the Boston Celtics were taking a 3 -2 lead over the defending champion Toronto Raptors in the teams’ best-of-seven NBA Eastern Conference semifinal clash.

It led to us being a little late on the pro wrestling jokes that were flying around on social media. They came as the result of Toronto’s Pascal Siakim inadvertently kicking Boston’s Daniel Theis in the face...

And they kept coming...

Mick Foley made a more detailed version of that same joke, tweeting “If you look closely, you can see Pascal Siakim whisper ‘I love you’ to Daniel Theis before this epic superkick!”

Finally, word got to HBK himself down at NXT central and the Hall of Famer chimed in...

So that was fun. And if you’re someone who likes to make everything about WWE vs. AEW, it’s a sign that even when the game’s on their home network, The Young Bucks have a ways to go to become the go-to superkick reference in the general public’s mind.

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