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Kevin Owens isn’t gonna take it any more

Remember Kevin Owens? Former Universal champion, one of the best talkers in the business, just beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania a few months ago?

He’s sort of drifted down to the midcard over the last few months, mostly playing a supporting role on Raw the host of “The Kevin Owens Show” where he advances other people’s storylines.

That in-show talk show is where his current feud with Aleister Black started. Last night it led to a fight in Raw Underground, the biggest match to come to Shane McMahon’s side project. What we saw of it was cool, but it was interrupted by commercial breaks and cuts to the action upstairs*. Then it was interrupted by Dabba-Kato.

KO should probably just be glad D-K didn’t use his peen-based finisher.

Anyway, that’s where we left things with KO on Raw. But he came back to Raw Talk, and wasn’t in the mood to joke around - or worry about what he was or wasn’t supposed to do. Owens reminded us that he’s one of the best talkers in the business with a promo delivered from the post-show’s desk:

It’s a great promo that ties in his overall character arc to where he is now, and hopefully where he’s headed next. He wasn’t done at the point that clip cuts off, either. Owens delivered one more warning before dropping the mic and exiting the stage.

“And Aleister Black - you chose the wrong person to take your anger out on, because next time I see you, next time I get within ten feet of you, I will whip your ass and make you wish you were back in Germany, away from me.”

Raw Talk host Charly Caruso wondered if this was a turning point for KO**, and we’re wondering the same thing. Has the babyface run come to an end? Or could we just be getting an edgier version of Owens? Are we spending too much time worrying about what happened on the post-show?

We’ll find out. In the meantime, enjoy the reminder that you don’t want to get into a war of words with Kevin Owens.

* I like to assume Raw Underground is, you know, below ground. But it’s probably just next door to the ThunderDome.

** Her co-host R-Truth just wanted to make it clear he wasn’t gonna pay for the damage KO did “throwing microphones, jumping up on these people’s table...”

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