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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 8, 2020): Finn Bálor vs. Adam Cole

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its temporary (?) Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: Finn Bálor and Adam Cole finish what last week’s 60 minutes 4Way Iron Match couldn’t as they go one-on-one for the vacant NXT title! Plus, Rhea Ripley and Mercedes Martinez try to settle their issues in a steel cage, Killian Dain gets a shot at Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong, Bronson Reed faces Austin Theory, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


I’m the kid on the block with my head made of rock, and I ain’t got nobody. I’m the state of the art, got a brain a la carte, I make the babies cry. I ain’t one of the crowd, I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a PPV-style hype reel for tonight’s show, recapping all the big stories, which is convenient for your liveblog lady, because she hasn’t watched an episode of NXT TV since before AEW came on the air.

Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor (NXT Championship)

Collar and elbow, into the corner, shifting momentum a few times before breaking clean. Circling, test of strength, Balor slides low, leg pick, front chancery into a ride and then a reverse chinlock. Cole to his feet, reverses to a hammerlock, Finn picks his leg again and gets a side headlock! Wrenching it in, refusing to let go, shoot off, shoulder block, not even a one-count!

Balor back to the reverse chinlock, Adam reverses to a hammerlock, Finn fights back, arm drag into an armbar! Grappling, working the arm, Cole gets off a short basement dropkick but the damage is done and his arm is hurting. Chops against the ropes, Adam in control and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Balor with a snapmare into a kick to the back, cover for two. Overhead elbow into a reverse chinlock, Cole gets away and runs the ropes but runs right into a kick! Scoop and a slam, elbow drop, another two count for Finn! Basement dropkick, again a two count, shoulder thrusts and chops, keeping Adam on the back foot.

Whip across, charging chop, Cole firing back with a lariat, a back elbow, a pump kick and he’s starting to build up a head of steam again! Lungblower... NOPE! Jockeying for position, ducking and dodging, Balor prevails with Sling Blade but Cole takes his head off with a leaping knee strike! Taking his knee pad down, Adam runs the ropes but Finn picks his legs into a double stomp!

Cole to the floor, Balor follows with a dropkick and puts boots to him! Breaking the count, a superkick leaves both men down and out on the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Cole is up top but Balor cuts him off and knocks him down! Headed up top himself, nobody home on the double stomp! Adam with a basement superkick, spinning toehold into the figure four leglock in the middle of the ring! Break the hold, Sling Blade, inverted headlock elbow drop, shotgun dropkick!

Going up top on one leg... COUP DE GRACE! BUT HE’S SLOW TO CAPITALIZE FROM HIS INJURED KNEE AND ADAM COLE KICKS OUT! 1916 blocked and countered, back to the figure four leglock! Nearfall as Finn tries to sit up, trying to roll the pressure but Adam rolls him all the way through! Figure four again, countered to a small package... NO GOOD!

Cole hits a superkick, draws him up, off the ropes... FINN BALOR KICKS OUT OF LAST SHOT! Panama Sunrise blocked, 1916 blocked, inverted facelock... INVERTED 1916 BUT AGAIN FINN’S KNEE GIVES OUT! Headed up top, Adam superkicks his knee and climbs up with him. Jockeying for position... AVALANCHE 1916! THAT’S IT! IT’S OVER!

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with an avalanche 1916 to become the NXT Champion.

Post-match, Finn stands tall on the stage, title around his waist.

Rhea Ripley cuts a promo about her steel cage match against Mercedes Martinez.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for Connor’s Cure.

We see William Regal and Triple H go backstage to congratulate Finn Balor. Adam Cole offers him a handshake and a Too Sweet as well.

Finn is interviewed and says everybody’s been asking for ten months, why did you come back to NXT, and the title is why.

Robert Stone is interviewed backstage elsewhere.

He says he knows where things are, like Shotzi Blackheart’s tank, and he goes to attack it but Shotzi is there and tags him down! Aliyah attacks Blackheart and stumbles her way through a curtain, accidentally knocking Io Shirai over! Io chases her to the ring, Shotzi rejoins her, and they beat Aliyah down! Butterfly backbreaker takes her out!

Stone up top, he dives and Blackheart moves Shirai out of the way! Stereo diving moonsault and senton take the heels out! Shotzi holds the NXT Women’s Championship up and Io yanks it out of her hands, leading to a tense moment.

We cut to home life with Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

They’re having a low-key argument over Johnny doing something, and he agrees to do it as the doorbell rings. It’s Tegan Nox and he says it’s good to have her. They all sit down to dinner and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for my boy Timothy Thatcher.

Today’s lesson is “know your enemy” and exhibit A is Damian Priest. He’s a deadly striker, but he leaves his arm dangling when he throws forearms, and that leaves him vulnerable to counter attacks. He leaves his feet a lot, and that’s stupid, because you’re in control when your feet are on the ground.

Ashante “Thee” Adonis vs. Velveteen Dream

Dream with mind games early, Adonis turns the heat up and nearly puts him away with a schoolboy pin! DDT, fired up, but soon enough the tide turns...

Velveteen Dream wins by pinfall with the Dream Valley Driver.

Post-match, KUSHIDA rushes the ring and attacks VD! He whips him through the post twice, hard! CROSS ARMBAR ON THE APRON!

Breezango get a vignette where they smell success on their tag titles and talk about how Imperium doesn’t like them and the feeling is mutual.

Imperium get a response mixed through the video package and talk about how Breezango are going to have the shortest NXT tag title reign ever.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we go back with Gargano, LeRae, and Nox, and honestly I don’t follow it all that well but Candice is trying to sell her on something that she remains undecided about.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Theory with a go-behind, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block just bounces off of Reed! Bronson with a side headlock of his own, wrenching it in, squeezing the life out of Austin. Shoot off blocked, Reed goes low and takes him to the mat. Shot off, shoulder block, off the ropes, Bronson sidesteps and hits a slingshot elbow drop for two.

Austin heading to the floor, but Reed hip tosses him back in from the apron and grabs a reverse chinlock. Theory with body blows, off the ropes, Bronson decks him with a back elbow! To the apron, Austin with a shoulder block, slingshot sunset flip attempt but Reed stabilizes and sits down on him for two!

Theory to the floor, Bronson to the apron and he dives a shoulder block onto him as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Theory is in control with a rear chinlock as Reed gets to his feet and counters with a senton! Bronson with heavy right hands, whip across, an elbow sends Austin reeling and he follows with a Manhattan Drop and an overhead elbow! Death Valley Driver... NOPE! Float over a suplex, Theory hits a back suplex but his back gives out and he crumples under the weight!

Austin with an elbow, a rolling thunder neckbreaker... NOT HAPPENING! Drawing Reed up, fireman’s carry... his knees give out and Bronson lands on him! Senton follows, headed up top...

Bronson Reed wins by pinfall with a Shadows Over Hell style 747 Splash.

Backstage, Adam Cole is interviewed.

He says he’s disappointed, it’s not the outcome he wanted, but the better man won tonight. He respects Finn Balor, but he better hope that he doesn’t get another chance at the title, because the outcome is gonna be a lot different.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up Peacock.

Mercedes Martinez gets a promo about her match tonight and says Rhea Ripley is bad, but not as bad as her, and when that cage door shuts, she’s not stopping until there’s nothing left of her.

Killian Dain vs. Roderick Strong

Strong going behind Dain and shoving him, keeping his distance, action to the floor, getting his licks in and he corners the Beast of Belfast. To the apron, Killian catches a lariat and turns it into an STO but Bobby Fish sweeps his leg on the apron to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Strong has a front chancery locked in but Dain hosses him up and slings him away. Roddy in the corner, Killian freight trains him and whips him across to do it again! Stomping away against the ropes, fireman’s carry, Strong slips out but Dain catches him in a headlock for punches. Kicks out of the corner, sidestep the knee, fireman’s carry front slam into a senton and the Beast of Belfast is rolling!

Fish pulls Roddy out of the way, Dain knocks him off the apron and Strong is ready...

Roderick Strong wins by pinfall with a jumping knee strike.

Post-match, Strong and Fish beat Dain down but Drake Maverick makes the save with a steel pipe and beats them down in return! Bobby cuts him off and they beat Drake down until Killian recovers and then the Undisputed ERA men beat a hasty retreat! Maverick backs off in the corner and Dain advances on him, pipe in hand, before throwing it aside and leaving.

Drake runs up to him and offers a hand, which Killian refuses and lays him out with!

Back to Gargano, LeRae, and Nox.

Candice offers a toast to friendship and her being the next champion, and when questioned, says Tegan had her chance but fell short, so clearly she should get the next shot. Nox isn’t pleased, LeRae throws a bowl of salad at her and Tegan throws water back in her face! They bicker, Johnny gets in between them and calls Nox a terrible person, which leads to her dumping spaghetti out on his head and going to leave.

Candice throws something at her, she ducks and it cracks the TV, and Tegan finally gets to leave.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Damian Priest comments on his title match against Timothy Thatcher next week.

He calls Thatcher ugly and says he’s gonna kick him and punch him as many times as he likes in his stupid face to rearrange it, and there’s no chance he’s losing in his first title defense.

Commentary hypes next week’s show up.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Rhea Ripley (Steel Cage Match)

As soon as the door shuts Martinez is on Ripley, throwing her into the steel and choking her! Crossface strikes, chairs in play and Rhea turns the tide. Wedging a chair in the corner, Mercedes recovers but Ripley is able to lay her out with a big boot. Kick to the ribs, stalking around her, stepping on her back, slapping the back of her head, axe kick to the kidneys!

Rhea with a pumphandle, Martinez floats out, fisherman buster! Slow to rise, chair in hand, Ripley kicks it away and heads up top but Mercedes cuts her off with a Shotei... RUNNING POWERSLAM ON THE CHAIR FOR TWO AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Ripley is climbing but Martinez picks her off... SPIDER GERMAN SUPERPLEX! Mercedes sits up in the turnbuckles, turning around... RHEA CHUCKS A STEEL CHAIR AT HER! Running dropkick puts Martinez’ head through the gap in the corner of the cage! Climbing up with her... SUPERPLEX!

Drawing Mercedes up, she fires back with forearms, a thrust spinebuster, and both women are down and out! Slow to rise, Martinez up first, drawing her up, she ducks the roundhouse, electric chair facebuster! Rhea’s got the inverted cloverleaf! Mercedes grabs a kendo stick and hits her to break free! Ripley has the stick and she attacks Martinez with it before noticing Robert Stone climbing the cage!

She hits him a few times from the inside before climbing up to him, headbutt, front chancery, Mercedes saves her manager with the kendo stick! She staggers Rhea with another kendo stick shot, smashes her face into the steel... AVALANCHE NECKBREAKER! Both women down and out, Martinez with the cover... TOO LATE!

Mercedes throws some chairs around, sets a table up before putting Ripley up in the turnbuckles and climbing to join her. Leg hooked, jockeying for position, headbutts, pumphandle... AVALANCHE RIPTIDE! IT’S OVER!

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall with an avalache Riptide through a table.

We get match highlights.

That’s the show, folks.

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