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RETRIBUTION are cutting promos now

As seen on Monday Night Raw this week, interrupting the match between The Riott Squad and Nia Jax:

“This ThunderDome is only a facade. Behind this mountain of screens is the same foundation, the same WWE as before, the same behemoth who discarded and disowned us, leaving us to survive in an unfair world where the powerful continue to grow, while we are left to feed on nothing but the scraps of contempt.

“But contempt is a powerful motivator. We are driven to destroy, to lay waste to every Superstar and every fan. Blinded, you cannot see what you do not have. So the locusts of contempt will feed upon all of you, the darkness of retribution will seep into the pores of every Superstar and all of your so called Universe.


This still doesn’t really tell us much beyond the fact that they actually used the word “fans” during a WWE promo. So that’s cool!

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