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Cedric Alexander joins The Hurt Business

MVP spent a number of weeks trying to get Cedric Alexander to join up with him so he could revitalize his career or, at the very least, get him on the right track. Alexander resisted at every turn, eventually aligning himself with the likes of Ricochet and Apollo Crews.

That all changed on Monday Night Raw this week.

During a six-man tag match pitting Alexander, Ricochet, and Crews against The Hurt Business, Alexander inexplicably turned on his squad, apparently joining up with the group he wanted no part of prior.

He confirmed as much during a VIP Lounge segment later in the night, one that led to an eight-man tag team match where he scored a victory for his new team against Ricochet, Crews, and The Viking Raiders.

MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander is one hell of a foursome, no?

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