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Sasha Banks & Big E are ‘recovering at home’ after SmackDown attacks

The bigger news is probably that WWE actually said they were in ‘the hospital.’

On SmackDown last Friday (Sept. 4), Sheamus took Big E out of the running for a shot at Universal champion Roman Reigns by smashing him into the hood & windshield of a car. Women’s champion Bayley beatdown an already injured Sasha Banks for reasons that haven’t been spelled out yet, but that probably involve eliminating a threat to her title by stabbing her tag partner in the back before The Boss could do it to her.

After the show, WWE announced both were being evaluated at the “local medical facility.”

They’ve posted an update telling us they’re both at home, but they aren’t sharing any information about their diagnoses. The ‘E takes HIPAA very seriously, even in kayfabe. But they did tell us were they spent some of their storyline weekend, and it’s not a word the company uses a whole lot.

Sasha Banks and Big E have both been discharged from the hospital and are recovering at home, has learned.

You know it’s serious when they use the ‘h’ word.

Now we wait for Banks and E to try and send Bayley and Sheamus there.

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