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Xavier Woods brought Wyatt Family continuity to his first Talking Smack

Next Friday, SmackDown is teasing the possibility we could meet a “new friend” in Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House. If you watched last night’s episode, you probably have a good guess where this is headed. That was Ramblin’ Rabbit behind Alexa Bliss when she forgave Nikki Cross. And if we’re right, Nikki? Be careful... forgiveness means something else for Bray’s friends.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Bliss was also on Talking Smack. After being announced as a regular host when the post-show was re-launched a couple weeks ago, Xavier Woods finally made his debut alongside Kayla Braxton on the Sept. 4 edition. It was good timing, too. If anyone can relate to Alexa’s bouts of Fiend-induced hypnosis, it’s Woods. He called back to his issues with Wyatt during The New Day’s 2016 feud with Bray’s family.

So our money is on Sister Lexi joining Mercy, Huskus & the Firefly gang in the Fun House next week.

As for Woods first stint in the seat Miz somewhat controversially kept warm for him the past couple weeks? He was good... although there’s some online debate about whether his assessment about Sasha Banks & Bayley teaming together again soon is a funny joke about a pro wrestling trope (and particularly WWE getting cold feet on having these Horsewomen Mega-Powers explode on the main roster), or a burial of a hot angle from SmackDown.

You decide...

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