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Liv Morgan hints at a name change for The Riott Squad

Liv Morgan’s Instagram

Their WWE Women’s Tag title shot may be on hold, but Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott still have some things in the works.

In two recent interviews, Morgan spoke about the future of her partnership with Riott. In both she mentioned that it’s not the Riott Squad without Sarah Logan, and teased a “revamp” of the group and/or gimmick.

To, Liv said:

“Well, The Riott Squad will always and only be Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Sarah Logan. Every day that Ruby and I go out we have a wolf patch on our entrance jacket, and that is for Sarah. We wear it over our hearts. She’s out there with us all the time. So to be honest, we’re not looking for a third member unless that is Sarah Logan, but Ruby and I are working on a little revamp if you will. So keep watching.”

And she explained a bit more to TV Insider about what that could entail:

“What I meant by revamp was maybe going through a name change, something that is more fitting for us now that we are in an equal partnership where Ruby isn’t the leader anymore. That and the fact there isn’t Sarah anymore. So definitely an updated version of us is definitely due. That is what we’re working on now.”

What do you think, Cagesiders? I’ve seen “Liv2Riott” thrown around online... is that a winner?

Give us your suggestions below.

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