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Eva Marie has unfinished business in WWE

Eva Marie was recently interviewed by Reel Talker’s Jim Alexander, where she addressed the possibility of one day returning to WWE. She expressed how grateful she is to the McMahon family, and she is definitely interested in a WWE return:

“I always say it. WWE is always my number one, my family. They’re everything. Vince, Hunter, Stephanie, they took a chance on me, as a nobody at all. And they gave me [an] opportunity to possibly become a superstar. I am forever grateful to them.

Being in WWE, no matter who you are, those superstars are freakin’ has definitely shaped me, molded me into the performer, and has embedded this insane nasty work ethic that you have to have if you are inside that company or else you will not make it. I’m just so thankful to that company.

I feel like I have some unfinished business...[if] Vince, Hunter, or Steph make the call and says ‘Yo, it’s time,’ then [I’m] packing up my bags and it’s time.”

If it’s really just a matter of receiving one phone call, then it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll see Eva Marie back in a WWE ring at some point down the line.

Are you counting down the days?