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Nigel McGuinness is returning to commentary for NXT UK

Nigel McGuinness was furloughed by WWE in April. Many fans were left scratching their heads over that decision, because McGuinness was regarded by many as the best commentator in WWE. But once WWE announced that NKT UK is returning on Sept. 17, rumors started to pop up that McGuinness would be back from furlough.

Today, the media was given a sneak peek of NXT UK’s set at the BTSport studio in London, and it was confirmed that McGuinness will be back on commentary (remotely) for NXT UK:

TalkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy showed off a few more interesting tidbits from today’s viewing:

And of course there is NXT UK’s new intro music:

How excited are you for the upcoming return of NXT UK?

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