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Mandy Rose arrives on Raw ... with Dana Brooke?

Mandy Rose was “traded” to Monday Night Raw a number of weeks ago as part of an angle where The Miz managed to get her moved off Friday Night SmackDown, where her boyfriend, Otis, is wrestling. We never got any word on what exactly the blue brand got in exchange for her, and we probably never will.

She finally arrived on this week’s episode and as it turns out, she didn’t come alone!

For reasons WWE failed to explain on the broadcast, Rose debuted in a tag team alongside Dana Brooke, who also comes over from SmackDown. They didn’t say how, or why, but immediately put the two in a match against Natalya & Lana, who had just been campaigning for WWE to strip Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler of the women’s tag team titles.

The idea, I suppose, was to establish the new team as credible in their first night on their new brand.

We’ll figure out the rest later.

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UPDATE: Rose and Brooke were asked how they came together later in the show and Rose said Brooke has always been there for her and she’s a great athlete while Brooke said she’s been inspired by Rose’s resilience. So here they are, and they’re coming for the tag team titles.

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