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R-Truth pads his record as the most decorated wrestler in WWE history

Despite what I thought was a really good prospector costume, Drew Gulak caught up to R-Truth last night at Clash of Champions and pinned him for the 24/7 title. Truth was probably off his game because he was still dealing with being scared to the highest of scaredstivity after last Monday’s trouble at the beach.

Of course, hero that he is, Truth overcame that (before we got to scaredology, thank goodness, because you don’t even want to get into that), and got his baby back a short time later, kicking off his 40th run with the green-and-gold.

Which is our chance to remind you that not only is Ron Killings a global treasure, he’s also the most decorated wrestler in WWE history.

It’s a “never say never” business, but even if they 24/7 belt sticks around - or WWE mothballs but introduces a similar concept down the line, like they did with the Hardcore title and this one - it’s hard to see anyone breaking Truth’s record.

And we’re absolutely fine with that.

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