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Where will Keith Lee be tonight? Will he join Retribution?

Keith Lee is off the Clash of Championship card. So is Retribution ...

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I did not see this theory coming. Kazeem Famuyide, while co-hosting David Shoemaker’s The Masked Man Podcast, postulated that Keith Lee will ally with, or even join, Retribution tonight at WWE Clash of Champions.

Keith Lee’s lack of a PPV match would be a reason for this to be possible, but since this is title matches only, I’m not exactly going to say that’s something in Kaz’s favor.

While many would brush this off, I’m not ready to. Kaz’s most recent huge PPV prediction — he called Roman Reigns showing up at Summerslam — came true. I don’t know enough to say he’s wrong, though. I can just see reasons for and against.

So, let’s make like DX and break it down:

Why it makes sense

The two people closest to Keith Lee — Mia Yim and Dominik Dijakovic — are in this faction. Could he have helped them get those contracts? Will we learn he told Adam Pearce to give them a chance?

Retribution needs something to fix their wildly stupid chaos, and Lee’s the kind of already established force that could do it — especially if the Retribution gang sheds their name and goes back to being Dijak (not Dijakovic), Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, and we never even get stupid names for Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez.

Lee could also angrily unite with Retribution, saying they had to take on their own dumb names, because we’ve seen how WWE ruins wrestlers in the past. He could even point at his current music.

Also, Lee’s quest for gold has had McIntyre as a road bump. Lee’s said he would do anything for the title, and allying with these agents of chaos would be up there.

And outside of kayfabe, rumors have said there’s some intent or plans inside WWE to turn Keith Lee heel.

Why it doesn’t work

Lee’s already fought in the trenches against Retribution, doing a tope (well, he joined McIntyre doing stereo topes) onto the hoodies weirdos.

If this happens, you just have a more heel-heavy Raw, with Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens as your top singles babyfaces.

Also, it’s a giant risk to ally Keith Lee — the latest blue-chipper — against a faction seen as a ridiculous joke by most.

Let’s see for ourselves

The Cageside team will be live-blogging the PPV, so stay tuned to see if and where Lee and Retribution appear on the card. If it were up to me, I’d keep Lee on the other side of Retribution for now.

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