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WWE Clash of Champion 2020 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE Clash of Champions is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Sept. 27, 2020) from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida at 7:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Clash of Champions below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


  • Roman Reigns def. Jey Uso
  • Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton
  • Asuka def. Bayley by disqualification
  • R-Truth def. Drew Gulak
  • The Street Profits def. Andrade & Angel Garza
  • Bobby Lashley def. Apollo Crews
  • Asuka def. Zelina Vega
  • Drew Gulak def. R-Truth
  • Sami Zayn def. Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles
  • Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro def. Lucha House Party


Creature, get up on your legs. The world around you’s gotten more complex, your needs diversified. Assign priorities, sedate your mind, and I’ll liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The pre-show opens up with Charly Caruso directing the panel, tonight consisting of Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. Charly informs us that Nikki Cross, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler are not cleared to compete, and the status of the women’s tag title match will be addressed tomorrow night on Raw while Bayley will have something to say about her match tonight.

Pre-show business continues at length, with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakumura interviewed at one point and Montel Vontavious Porter at another, and R-Truth shows up dressed as a prospector asking where all the gold is. Angel Garza and Andrade get a promo where they reaffirm their commitment to being a tag team despite all their recent disagreements.

Sami Zayn shows up to pick a fight over Jeff Hardy getting billed as champion before we toss to our pre-show match.

Artist Collective (Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura) (c) vs. Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Dorado and Cesaro to start, the Swiss Superman takes charge and works him over. Whip across, Lince floats over but Cesaro shoves him to the mat hard! Satellite tijeras and a dropkick and Doardo gets the tag off of a gamengiri! Kalisto off the ropes, a series of splashes, only a one count! Kalisto with a headscissors out of the corner, tag to Dorado, in with a missile dropkick!

Nakamura tags in for the first time, lighting Lince up with strikes, whip into the corner, boot up on the charge! Dorado to the second but Shinsuke kicks him over the ropes and to the floor! Keeping the Golden Lynx isolated, working him over in the corner, tagging in and out, rolling sunset flip powerbomb gets Dorado some separation but Cesaro immediately pulls him back in!

Dodging a corner kick from Nakamura, diving crossbody connects and the path is clear! Cesaro tags in and boots Kalisto off the apron before wailing on Lince with punches! Fireman’s carry, into the turnbuckles, tag to Nakamura and the train keeps a-rollin’! Karelin lift / Kinshasa combo... NOPE! Falling knees, tag made, Dorado slips under and gets the tag!

Kalisto in hot, diving crossbody, off the ropes, satellite DDT... NAKAMURA BREAKS IT UP! Dorado goes for the handspring stunner, slips out of the inverted exploder, and hits a lungblower to take care of Shinsuke! Kalisto dives on Cesaro, his DDT caught briefly but Lince dives to finish the DDT! Lucha House Party are rolling!

Kalisto and Lince doing the Super Crazy triple moonsault... CESARO KICKS OUT! Leg pick, Kalisto crawling, he slips under, sunset flip for two. Nakamura clears the apron, inverted exploder over the barricade takes Dorado out! Kalisto goes for another sunset flip, counters a powerbomb into a Hurricanrana... NO! Salida del Sol blocked, Cesaro swings him...

Artist Collective win by pinfall with the giant swing / Kinshasa combo on Kalisto to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

We get another round of pre-show business to close things out.

The main show kicks off with a video package about what it means to be a champion in WWE, narrated by John Cena.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)

Three-way brawling to start, Hardy stacks ‘em up and takes ‘em down with a bulldog / lariat combo! Jeff goes and gets a ladder, blocked with a baseball slide from Styles and he follows it up with the plancha elbow! Zayn cuts AJ off in turn and comes up lame on a knee! Sami and Hardy inside, Jeff with a back body drop into a ladder leaned in the ropes!

Styles back in, Hardy fighting him in the corner, off the second and AJ sidesteps, leaving Jeff to crash into a ladder! Styles brawling Zayn into the corner, throwing him into a ladder before going outside for a new ladder and sliding it in the ring. He sets it up and climbs, but Sami cuts him off and pulls him down!

Duck a lariat, Pele kick connects, Styles climbs and Hardy is there to meet him! Trading blows, he knocks Jeff down but the Charismatic Enigma pulls him back down! They brawl, Manhattan Drop to the double leg drop to the basement dropkick but he can’t capitalize! Zayn returns, climbing the ladder, AJ pulls him down, Sami exploder suplexes him into a ladder!

Zayn pulls Hardy out of the ring and throws him hard into the barricade! All three men on the same side of the floor, Styles walks Jeff to the corner by the entry ramp but he sidesteps the charge and lines AJ up... POETRY IN MOTION OFF THE STEEL STEPS! HELLUVA KICK PUTS HARDY OVER THE BARRICADE AND INTO THE CROWD AREA!

Sami back in the ring and climbing... AJ STYLES THROWS A SHORT LADDER AT HIM AND KNOCKS HIM DOWN! Styles climbs, Hardy meets him, they brawl atop the ladder... AND IT FALLS OVER, SENDING BOTH MEN SPRAWLING! Zayn is fresh and ready and sets the ladder back up. He climbs, Jeff recovers enough to knock the ladder into AJ and again Sami is ready to climb!

Hardy pulls him off the ladder, Twist of Fate, he climbs, he’s got his hand on the titles but Zayn shoves the ladder! Jeff tries to climb down it but the ladder bounces off the ropes and to the floor! Sami and AJ brawling, Zayn bridges a ladder between the apron and the announce table but Styles cuts him off with the moonsault inverted DDT off the table!

AJ readjusts the ladder and sets Sami on it, but Hardy hits him with a ladder before he can do whatever he’s got planned. Jeff sets a big ladder up on the floor and climbs it, perching... SWANTON BOMB OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH SAMI ZAYN! Hardy starts trying to get a ladder into the ring but Styles cuts him off and hits him with a ladder!

Styles sets a ladder up and climbs, but Hardy returns to knock him over! Sami fired up, putting Hardy into the barricade before heading to his jacket and pulling out two pairs of handcuffs! He goes back to Jeff and hits him with a ladder before jamming the handcuff through the gauge on his right ear! He handcuffs Hardy to the ladder!

Zayn goes back to Styles but AJ recovers before he can handcuff him to the ropes! Styles with a snap suplex but somehow he got handcuffed to Sami! AJ gets Zayn in a fireman’s carry and climbs the ladder as Hardy returns to the ring, still handcuffed by the ear to the ladder! Sami’s got the key and he frees himself while Styles is preoccupied with Hardy!

He handcuffs AJ to the ladder and climbs...

Sami Zayn wins by recovering both title belts to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Post-match, Sami Zayn is interviewed on the stage and takes issue with the notion that he recaptured anything tonight.

Commentary recaps some of the pre-show for those of you who are joining us late.

I had to use the restroom but apparently that was set-up to show us Drew Gulak winning the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth, so that’s cool.

Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Asuka offering up a test of strength, dodging at first, toying with Vega but she eventually grabs it. Asuka overpowers her with relative ease, back to their feet, upkick hits the champion’s arm hard and she goes to work on it! Side headlock from Asuka, off the ropes, into an armbar, snapping it back into a cross armbar but Zelina gets a foot on the ropes!

Putting boots to Vega in the corner, setting her up top, jockeying for position, knocking Asuka down and going back after the injured arm! A solebutt sends Zelina to the apron, Asuka off the ropes, running hip attack knocks her down! But she capitalizes and pulls Asuka shoulder-first into the steel steps on the floor!

Into the ropes, whip reversed, arm wringer gets a nearfall! Hammerlock applied, bridging to apply even more pressure, another cover, only two! Shoulder armbreakers, Asuka looking for the Asuka Lock but Zelina reverses into a cross armbar! Asuka floats over, looking for the Asuka Lock again but Vega throws her off!

Kick to the midsection, to the apron, sidestep the hip attack, Zelina gets a crucifix in the ropes! Diving headscissors, corner knees, cover... STILL NO! Rolling kick gets another nearfall and Vega is getting frustrated. Asuka Lock countered, victory roll, European Clutch, no deal, back to the Asuka Lock...

Asuka wins by submission with the Asuka Lock to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Asuka is interviewed in the ring.

She says Zelina is like a firecracker, small yet dangerous, but she wasn’t ready for Asuka. She extends a hand to Vega, which Vega refuses, choosing to bow instead. Asuka bows back and Zelina cheapshots her! Asuka yells at Vega in Japanese.

Apollo Crews vs. Bobby Lashley (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Lashley in control early, Crews fights back and gets him to the floor before hitting a moonsault off the apron! Back inside, big crossbody only gets a nearfall! Bob fires back with a reverse STO for two of his own, punches in the corner, knocking Apollo to the floor and following after him. Fireman’s carry, Apollo slips out and Lashley goes face-first into the ringpost!

Back inside, Stinger Splash, Bob sidesteps but runs right into a back elbow and spills to the floor! Crews dives on him, takes him back inside, military press drop into the standing moonsault... NOT ENOUGH! Lashley hits a superplex for a deep nearfall of his own! Bob lifts him up for the Yokosuka Cutter but Apollo slips out!

Standing shooting star press, off the top, Frog Splash can’t keep Lashley down! Crews with a back elbow, off the ropes, Bob chokeslams him hard! Lying in wait, he gets the Hurt Lock...

Bobby Lashley wins by submission with the Hurt Lock to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Angel Garza vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (c) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Garza and Dawkins to start, Angel immediately working to immobilize him, quick tags and so on. Tag made, Ford leapfrogging over Almas, Garza tags back in, double-team Alarm Clock staggers the champ! Working Montez over, but he gets the tag and Angelo cleans house! Ford off the top, big nearfall, he wants the tag but Andrade clears the apron!

Looking for the hammerlock DDT but Montez leaps for it and he gets the tag! Dawkins hits the Sky High and Almas kicks out but the bell rings, so...

Street Profits win by pinfall with Sky High from Angelo Dawkins on Andrade “Cien” Almas to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Drew Gulak gets interviewed backstage to celebrate his title victory, which he dedicates to Akira Tozawa, saying he was apparently eaten by a shark on Raw. R-Truth rolls up from behind...

R-Truth wins the WWE 24/7 Championship by pinfall.

Bayley makes her entrance and sets her trusty steel chair up in the ring, setting her title on it and admiring it.

She gets on the mic and says it’s such a shame Nikki Cross can’t compete because she was looking forward to beating her. But she’s not gonna let us down, because she’s gonna give the opportunity of a lifetime to anyone out there that wants a title shot... before shutting the door on her open challenge nearly as soon as she opened it.

She calls for a referee but Asuka comes to answer the call!

Asuka vs. Bayley (c) (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Asuka starts off hot, a pair of German suplexes send Bayley to the floor! Back inside, looking for the cross armbar, Asuka counters into the Asuka Lock but she gets the ropes! Bayley snaps her neck over the middle rope and comes back in, punching away at the injured arm! Putting boots to the Empress, heading up to the second, but Asuka counters the dive into a Codebreaker!

Penalty Kick off the apron countered with a trip, Bayley goes back inside, off the ropes, baseball slide sidestepped and Asuka kicks her head off with a roundhouse kick! German suplex on the floor! Bayley grabs her trusty chair and wallops Asuka with it, leaving referee Ryan Tran no choice...

Asuka wins by disqualification.

Post-match... SASHA BANKS IS BACK AND SHE HITS BAYLEY WITH A CHAIR! She tries to press the attack but Bayley counters and Banks, still in a neck brace, is staggered! Bayley throws her back inside and goes under the ring for plunder, coming up with a couple of steel chairs and a kendo stick.

She sets one chair up but Sasha gets the kendo stick and wails on her with it!

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Ambulance Match)

McIntyre wading right in with punches and chops, boots in the corner, whip across, Orton ducks a lariat and goes for the RKO but it’s blocked. Kick to the hamstring as Drew tries to come back in, hanging DDT connects! Orton thinking about the punt... BUT BIG SHOW IS BACK AND PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING! CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE DAMN ANNOUNCE TABLE!

McIntyre heads outside to press the attack, dropping Orton face-first across the barricade and putting boots to him. Stomping the hand, dragging him down the aisle, clubbing away, all while Randy can do nothing but gasp, fireman’s carry, walking him towards the ambulance... AND LAWN DARTING HIM INTO THE BACK DOOR!

Drew goes into a locker on the side of the ambulance, throwing crutches aside and getting a red chair, Toru Yano-style. He nails Orton with it once but Randy gets a crutch and cuts him off, hammering him with it before grinding the chair into his broken jaw! Orton puts him in the ambulance but McIntyre fights back and brawls with him!

The Viper opens the driver’s door and Drew headbutts him so hard that he drools all over himself! Lining him up... ORTON DODGES A CLAYMORE AND IT TAKES THE DOOR CLEAN OFF! Fighting with Randy on the floor, smashing his face into the hood of the ambulance, fighting into the back, punching away with Orton seated in an office chair!

Randy whips him hard into a wall... BUT CHRISTIAN IS BACK AND WINDMILLING PUNCHES ON ORTON BEFORE THROWING HIM INTO A CATERING TABLE AND HAMMERING HIM WITH MORE PUNCHES! McIntyre drags Orton back out to the stage and throws him onto the hood of the ambulance! Climbing up after him, but Randy gouges his eye and mat slams him into the windshield!

Fighting up on top of the ambulance, McIntyre ends up hanging off the edge and Orton stomps him until he falls down! SHAWN MICHAELS IS ON TOP OF THE AMBULANCE AND HE HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC, KNOCKING THE LEGEND KILLER CLEAN OFF THE ROOF OF THE AMBULANCE! McIntyre recovers and tries to drag Randy into the ambulance but Orton slips around... RKO!

Randy throws him in the ambulance, one door shut, he grabs the other... DREW STOPS HIM! Gouging Orton’s eye, McIntyre leaves the ambulance... CLAYMORE! He throws Randy in, but stops himself short of closing the door! He pulls Orton halfway out, lines him up... PUNT! Doors shut...

Drew McIntyre wins by successfully shutting Randy Orton in the ambulance to retain the WWE Championship.

Post-match, referee Chad Patton slaps the ambulance to get it moving but it stays still. He walks around to talk to the driver, and it’s Ric Flair, who laughs and drives off.

We get a promo for Hell in a Cell, airing on Oct. 25.

Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Circling, Uso jawing at his cousin, collar and elbow, Reigns backs him into the corner and breaks clean at referee Charles Robinson’s behest. Back to the lockup, back to the corner, and this time Roman throws him aside like a sack of flour! Reigns tells him to take the payday, but Jey says he’s trying to get the title, too!

Another collar and elbow, whip across, up and over, Uso popping and locking, waistlock, standing switch, Roman throws him out of the ring. Back inside, Jey throwing hands, whip across, big lariat takes Uso off his feet! Pressing the attack, hammering Jey with strikes, choking him over the ropes and cracking a huge right hand to the jaw to knock him to the floor!

Action to the floor, trading right hands, Uso finds himself outclassed but he refuses to stay down! Back inside, Reigns with a reverse chinlock, shifting to backing him into the ropes, whip across, front kick and Jey fires up! Drop down slap, Samoan drop... SHOCKINGLY DEEP BUT NO CIGAR! He’s got Roman down in the corner, he calls for it... REIGNS FIRES UP AND SUPERMAN PUNCHES HIM OUT OF NOWHERE!

Back to the floor, trading right hands again, a big one takes Jey Uso off his feet! Back inside, cover gets two, Roman again reiterates that he told Jey to take the payday, and this is the asswhooping he was talking about. A headbutt puts Uso in the corner, elbows, he tells Jey this isn’t his fault and drops him with another right hand!

Corner lariats, the Big Dog taking his time, Uso gets boots up and ducks a right! Palm strikes, shoving Reigns shoulder-first into the turnbuckles and creating an opening for himself! Roman shaking life back into his arm, Jey forcing his way back to upright, a clothesline sends the champ to the floor and Uso dives on him!

Back inside, Reigns catches the first kick but eats the followup enzuigiri and falls to the floor! Another suicide dive! Back inside, Uso off the top, crossbody... SO CLOSE! Basement superkick... STILL NO! Jey heads up top but takes a little too long and nobody’s home on the dive! Big leaping lariat from Roman gets a two count!

Lying in wait, Reigns goes for the spear... JEY COUNTERS TO A SCHOOLBOY FOR TWO! SUPERKICK! OFF THE TOP... ROMAN REIGNS KICKS OUT OF THE DIVING SPLASH AT THE EXACT LAST SECOND! Reigns has him lined up and hits the spear! He doesn’t gove for the cover, however, letting Uso gasp and roll around in agony as he tells him he’s not ready yet.

He drags Jey in front of the camera and tells him to tell the whole world that he runs WWE, but Uso says “Not today, uce!” Roman stalks after him, saying he needs him to say it, dropping down and raining forearms down on Jey’s head! Punching and choking, arguing with referee Charles Robinson when he tries to pull him away!

Uso dry heaving, Reigns raining headbutt after headbutt down on him but Jey refuses to give him what he wants! Neck crank, telling Uso how his whole family and his kids are watching, following it up with sick elbows to the back of the neck!

Jimmy Uso comes down and he’s gonna throw the towel in! He pleads with Jey to let him do it, voice quivering with emotion, but he won’t let him! Reigns drags Jey into the middle of the ring and rains punches down, and Jimmy’s had enough...

Roman Reigns wins by submission when Jimmy Uso throws the towel in for his brother.

Jimmy slides in the ring to protect his brother and ask cousin Roman if this is what he really wants, reminding them that they’re family. He tells Reigns he’s the tribal chief, if that’s what he wants, he’s got it, so just leave Jey alone.

Paul Heyman puts a flower garland around Roman’s neck and the Big Dog holds his title high.

That’s the show, folks.

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