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T-Bar is not playing with Chris Jericho

One of many ridiculous things about WWE’s rollout of RETRIBUTION was Monday’s announcement the group members had been signed to contracts. The Sept. 21 Raw started with the news that (checks notes) the anarchist faction whose stated goal was to tear down the company had entered into a legally binding agreement to work for those they’d sworn to dismantle, in exchange for payment.

Many, many people slammed WWE Creative’s decision. T-Bar (the former Dominik Dijakovic who seems to be RETRIBUTION’s leader and is working hard online to try and make the chicken $#!+ he’s been handed into chicken salad) responded to one of them, Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca:

So I guess T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack, Reckoning & Retaliation have agreed to stop beating up security? And that gets the money they need to hire henchmen who will beat up everyone but security?

Again, points for trying T... may I call you T? Or do you prefer Mr. Bar? But, hmmm, well, I guess a lot of people are probably reacting to this explanation the same way AEW’s Chris Jericho is:

But after seeing this response, most of us are probably glad we didn’t follow Jericho’s lead and step to T-Bar...

Of course, no one lives in a glass house when it comes to wrestling and COVID-19, but... damn.

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