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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 23, 2020): Take Off To TakeOver

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: The #1 contenders for the NXT championships will be decided! Finn Bálor’s in the first-ever Gauntlet Eliminator with Kyle O’Reilly, Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, Timothy Thatcher and Kushida; Io Shirai’s in a battle royal featuring names like Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae, Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart! Plus Jake Atlas stands up to that bully Tommaso Ciampa, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


Road Warrior Animal gets a memorial graphic before the standard WWE open. The ring is already full of folks for our Women’s title battle royal.

Tom Phillips and Beth Phoenix are on the call, as Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph are “off”. Candice LeRae gets an entrance, and we see video of Tegan Nox laid out backstage. Officials check on her and LeRae attacks again, sliding a crate into Nox’s knee. Tegan’s writhing in pain as Rhea Ripley enters.

Battle Royal to determine Io Shirai’s challenger at TakeOver

Not sure who all of these folks are, and Phillips and Phoenix are saying the new faces are because General Manager William Regal wants to provide new challengers for the champs.

Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez get some impressive early eliminations, the only names are Marina Shafir by Rhea and Catalina by Gonzalez. That’s the story of the first third of the match. As Kacy Catanzaro lands on her back and scoots to the ropes to make an American Ninja Warrior-esque save, we go picture-in-picture.

Kayden Carter dumps Xia Li on the small screen. Aliyah is also gone, but I missed that one. Catanzaro catches herself on the barricade not once but twice. Indi Hartwell kicks her back to it once, then Carter reaches for her the second time. Raquel blasts Kayden out, but Kacy uses her partner’s shoulders to re-enter the ring.

Slugfest between Ripley and Gonzalez ends when they eliminate each other! They brawl on the floor as Dakota Kai looks on concerned that her heater is gone. Final five are Hartwell, Catanzaro, LeRae, Shotzi Blackheart and Kai. Indi tries to toss Kacy and gets rana-ed to the floor. Candice & Dakota team up to eliminate Catanzaro. Blackheart dodges a boot from Kai and throws her out!

Down to Shotzi & Candice! They exchange strikes, and Blackheart looks to power the Poison Pixie out, but LeRae skins the cat. Shotzi misses the senton in the ropes, but hangs on when Candice goes to dump her. They battle at the apron for a while, and fight in the corner after each went over the top. LeRae saves herself on the steps, and eventually manages to boot Blackheart from her back.

Candice LeRae wins the Battle Royal, will face Io Shirai at TakeOver

Johnny Gargano is out to celebrate with his wife as Tom reminds us about Gargano’s North American title shot.

Sarah Schrieber is backstage and talks to the NA champ Damian Priest. He puts over Johnny but says the title will continue to slip through his fingers as long as he’s champ. Tonight he faces Austin Theory, and he feels bad about the kids losing streak, but says it’s gonna continue. Priest flirts with Schrieber, inviting her to his afterparty later.

After a break, Fandango is dressed as Sherlock Holmes and arguing with Roderick Strong, Raul Mendoza, Danny Burch and Fabian Aichner. Regal comes in and tells him to ditch the fake English accent. Dango explains his plan (the assembled guys will face each other with the winners getting a #1 contender’s match). The GM is confused so Burch explains in their native vernacular, and Regal approves. It’s Burch & Roddy vs. Mendoza & Aichner tonight, I think.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jake Atlas

Atlas is hot at the bell, and nearly gets Ciampa dragged under the ring for the slingshot spot Tommaso’s been using, but the former champ slips free and turns the tide with a big lariat in the corner. Rest holds, but Jake gets back in the driver’s seats with an inverted atomic drop. Huge boot in the corner, then Atlas climbs, but Ciampa rolls out. Moonsault from Jake! He rolls him back in and follows with a blockbuster from the top that gets two. He goes for the cartwheel DDT, but Ciampa side steps and kicks him in the arm. Willow’s Bell! One... Tommaso won’t cover him. He taunts Atlas, saying Kyle O’Reilly won’t save him this week. Fairy Tale Ending, and Ciampa covers this time.

Tommaso Ciampa def. Jake Atlas via pinfall

Ridge Holland gets a video where he tells a story about how he had to learn to fight from an early edge. He got into rugby and learned that he had a talent for hurting people. Now he can fight for a living - look out.

A promo for the main event features Corey Taylor’s new song “Culture Head”. Each of the five men (Kyle O’Reilly, Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, Timothy Thatcher and Kushida) in the Gauntlet Eliminator talk about why they’re gonna win and beat Finn Balor at TakeOver.

Roderick Strong & Danny Burch vs. Fabian Aichner & Raul Mendoza

Oney Lorcan & Bobby Fish’s regular partners get an entrance, but can’t agree on a fist bump or handshake. Marcel Barthel & Joaquin Wilde’s usual teammates are in the ring already.

Roddy and Aichner start, then the Imperium guy with a hard chop to the Legado Del Fantasma guy for a tag. Roddy drives Mendoza into the corner and Burch tags himself in. Danny with two off a flapjack, but when he climbs to follow-up, the Italian grabs a leg and his partner drops Burch face first to the mat as we go to a break.

Aichner has the Brit in peril when we return. Mendoza return the favor on the chop tag and takes his turn working Burch over. He gets two after a snapmare. Blind tag thwarts a sunset flip, and Aichner blasts Strong off the apron. Roddy recovers with a blind tag of his own and cleans house, including by tossing Aichner into Mendoza! Olympic Slam, but Raul breaks up the pin.

A knee to the back from Mendoza turns the tide, but a spinebuster only gets Aichner two. Mendoza in like a house afire, but climbs in the wrong corner. He gets taken down by a knee by Burch, who follows with neckbreaker from the top to end it.

Danny Burch & Roderick Strong def. Fabian Aichner & Raul Mendoza; Burch & Lorcan will face Undisputed ERA for the right to challenge Breezango for the Tag titles

Schrieber catches up with Austin Theory, but before he can chat her up, Gargano arrives to coach the youngster on how to help him out by taking Priest down a peg.

Damian Priest vs. Austin Theory

The two arrogant Superstars circle, then they trade arm control. Priest powers Theory to the corner and talks some trash. That trend continues with an old school crossbody but the champ misses in the corner and the youngster gets control. Standing moonsault gets two. ATL attempt, but gets his ears clapped. Flatliner, but when Priest runs the ropes, Theory recovers to knock him to the floor as we get some commercials.

The champ is back in the ring and on his feet when we return, but when he gets hung up after missing a boot, Theory hits a drop kick for a near fall. Priest hulks out of a chinlock, then turns Damian inside out with scary lariat. He throws All Day out of a Falcon Arrow, but can only get two. A few missed moves create an opening for Theory, and a Blue Thunder Bomb gets a nearfall on the Archer of Infamy. They battle to the floor and Theory talks a little too much trash. Cyclone Kick! Razor’s Edge on the apron! Reckoning!

Damian Priest def. Austin Theory via pinfall

Priest is celebrating when Gargano slides in with the superkick OUT OF NOWHERE. Johnny mocks the archery gimmick.

We get a very odd teaser as someone talks in a robotic voice over a night vision looking display. They use a bat to break a case full of NXT titles. I think a cyborg invasion starts soon. Whatever it is coming at TakeOver, as we get a 10.4.2020 graphic at the end.

Swerve Scott video where he touts his wins over Santos Escobar and reminds us all he’s coming for the Cruiserweight title.

Ridge Holland vs. Some Guy

This is all Holland, who ends it with his Northern Grit finisher after a brutal series of headbutts.

Ridge Holland def. Some Guy via pinfall

Schreiber catches up with Io Shirai, who rants about her TakeOver challenger in Japanese. She denies she was ever friends with Candice. The Garganos come in with Johnny saying he doesn’t know what she said but he didn’t like it. Here comes a pissed off Damian Priest, and the champs have to be separated from their rivals. Mixed tag next week?

Kushida and O’Reilly will start the Gauntlet next, and we learn Shotzi Blackheart and Dakota Kai will face off next week.

Eliminator Gauntlet for the right to challenge Finn Balor for the NXT title at TakeOver

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Kushida

They revisit their BOSJ matches for a fun little four minute stretch, then...

Bronson Reed enters the match

He quickly overpowers them and goes for a double Samoan Drop, but the smaller men slip free. Kushida almost gets O’Reilly to tap with a Hoverboard Lock, but Ausilla breaks it up. Suplex on Kushida, senton on KOR. Action heads to the top turnbuckle, and all three men are there. Kushida ends up knocking O’Reilly to the floor, and while the referee checks on him, Velveteen Dream runs in to attack Kushida with the Dream Valley Driver! Splash from Reed a moment later.

Bronson Reed eliminates Kushida via pinfall

Timothy Thatcher enters the match

... and we immediately go to commercial. Most of the next interval is up when we return. Reed suplexes Thatcher as...

Cameron Grimes enters the match

Who sets his hate up, then hits a crossbody on Reed, moonsault on Thatcher, PK on Kyle! But Reed splashes him to stop the run for a moment. Swinging sideslam on Kyle, then Bronson puts Grimey down emphatically with slam. The other three men battle on the apron, and Grimes kicks Thatcher to the floor, then O’Reilly follows with a running knee. Reed flips Grimes onto them on the floor, then considers a dive but decides to climb down for strikes. Thatcher wants to throw, they fight to the ring and Tim almost gets pinned off a throw.

O’Reilly in to try for a hold and gets crushed with a powerbomb for two. He rolls out and Grimes steps to Big Thicc. He gets thrown to the floor and Reed does dive this time, and everyone is wiped out as we get some split-screen ads. O’Reilly and Grimes fight in the ring while Reed and Thatcher brawl on the floor, then the heels (I guess Kyle is a face) trade opponents. Everyone is in the ring as the heels stay in control. O’Reilly is on the floor when we return and Thatch & Grimes team up on Reed, but it doesn’t work. KOR attacks and gets powerslammed for his effort.

Reed throws Thatcher into Grimes and gets a two on both. He climbs and fights off both heels. He goes for splash off the top, but misses. O’Reilly flies in with a knee to the back!

Kyle O’Reilly eliminates Bronson Reed via pinfall

O’Reilly and Thatcher trade ankle locks. Grimes recovers but gets hit with heel kick and all three men are down. Thatcher gets KOR in a sleeper, Grimes charges in with a kick and Kyle grabs an ankle. Scramble sends Cameron to the floor as the other two trade blows. Thatcher crumples O’Reilly with a liver kick, but when Tim goes for a submission, Kyle stacks him up!

Kyle O’Reilly eliminates Timothy Thatcher via pinfall

Grimes with Cave In! But Kyle gets his foot on the bottom rope! Cameron thinks he won it, and when the ref informs him he didn’t, he snaps and talks trash about how Adam Cole is really the leader of Undisputed ERA. Back-and-forth as the announcers reminds us how much longer Kyle’s been in the match. The North Carolinian is nursing his knee, then misses a Cave In and it buckles. O’Reilly grabs a knee bar!

Kyle O’Reilly eliminates Cameron Grimes via submission

Adam Cole & Bobby Fish are out to celebrate with Kool Kyle. Finn arrives to aim his guns at the challenger as we fade out.

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