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Akira Tozawa getting eaten by a shark made more sense than anything else on Raw

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After a few weeks on the sidelines, the 24/7 title got some airtime during the Sept. 21 edition of WWE Raw. As you can see in the video embedded above, it was a wild ride that featured:

  • Akira Tozawa making a ninja referee hide IN THE OCEAN
  • The return of Little Jimmy
  • Swimming lessons for Jimmy as part of what R-Truth likes to call “togetherness at the beach”
  • Sharknado
  • Tozawa and the Foot Clan official swimming away from shore to evade the shark
  • Truth leaving his baby behind while running away from the water to evade the shark
  • Jimmy wanting to put a snorkel up his butt during the search for Truth’s baby
  • Sharknado 2
  • Finding Nemo (for the key demos) and Calgon commercial (for the olds) references
  • A happy ending when the Three Amigos - Truth, Jimmy, and the 24/7 title belt - are reunited
  • A not-so-happy ending when Truth finds Tozawa’s ninja suit, as he seems to have been eaten by a shark

Massively entertaining as it was, on a normal episode of Raw, the segment would have us asking WHAT THE F**** WAS THAT!?!? But last night’s show was... special. Truth and Tozawa’s day at the beach was actually one of the most logical things that happened.

We’ll miss you, though, Akira.