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WWE teasing a decision about Otis’ Money in the Bank briefcase for SmackDown

As you can see in the above commercial for the Sept. 25 SmackDown that debuted during last night’s Raw, WWE may finally be doing something with Mr. Money in the Bank, Otis.

The loveable Heavy Machinery lug was a surprise winner when the briefcase fell into his hands to end this year’s “Climb the Corporate Ladder” edition of the match. He hasn’t acted like any past winner’s, though. There was one awkward moment with then-Universal champion Braun Strowman that I can recall, but that’s about it.

Instead, Dozer’s been focused on his romance with Mandy Rose. Getting Mandy shipped off to Raw was phase one in Miz’s plan to claim the contract. Phase two was getting his butt kicked last Friday (Sept. 18) so his lawyers could sue Otis for, among other things, “Money in the Bank negligence”.

Otis has to tell Miz whether he’s going to go to court or give up the case by Friday, because... that’s how lawsuits work, dummies!

Either via this storyline or by serving him up to heel Roman Reigns, they probably should just get the briefcase off Tucker’s steak-loving little buddy at this point. The Miz angle is grade-A prime pro wrestling goofiness, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Bring in David Otunga to negotiate a match with the contract on the line, and we’ll go from there.

We’ll see if they go with that idea or another one come Friday.

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