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WWE announces contracts for group promising to destroy WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw opened with RETRIBUTION getting right down to the business of cutting cringe promos about destroying all of WWE because they aren’t corporate sellouts who take money to chase an imaginary brass ring.

This came right after Tom Phillips revealed the group signed a contract with the company and are now official members of the Raw roster.


They also officially unmasked, or at least dropped the hoods and revealed themselves:

That would be the five members reported a week ago: Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, and Shane Thorne.

When The Hurt Business showed up to brawl with the group, other wrestlers dressed up like RETRIBUTION hit the ring while Tom Phillips talked about there being more, but it’s reasonable to believe it’s really just these five and anyone else is temporary for the sake of the angle.

No matter how ridiculous it’s all been.

Follow along with Monday Night Raw this week right here.

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