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Report: Jeff Hardy’s new WWE contract is for 2-3 years


Word of Jeff Hardy signing a new deal with WWE started making the rounds last week when the man himself said a condition of his re-signing was being able to use his old “No More Words” theme. The Wrestling Observer confirmed he was talking about a new deal but never said how long the deal was for, only noting that of late the company has been signing talent to 5 year deals.

Naturally, that word made the rounds. Now, PW Insider is saying that’s not actually the case.

Instead, they report Hardy signed a deal that “including what was added to Hardy’s previous contract due to injury-related inactivity, is closer to 2-3 years total in length.”

Hardy just turned 43 last month and has been in the industry abusing his body for nearly 25 years of that time. This could very well be the last contract he ever signs, at least as a full time wrestler for WWE. He recently told The Daily Star he hopes to stay involved on the creative side once his in-ring days are done.

We now know that won’t be for the next few years, at least.

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