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Mox weighs in on the Reigns/Heyman pairing, Wednesday Night War

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When asked about his old employers at WWE or the state of the wrestling business, AEW World champion Jon Moxley hasn’t held back with his answers.

He got a chance to speak on both when interviewed by The Sun recently, and stayed true to form. But if you’re hoping for drama, you won’t get any from Mox this time. He’s bullish on both topics covered by the tabloid.

Asked about his Shield brother Roman Reigns’ new direction since returning to SmackDown, the former Dean Ambrose all but marked out:

“The concept of him and Paul Heyman - that was very cool to me. I think that’s gonna work out really good. All my friends there [WWE] I wanna turn the TV on and I wanna see them kicking ass and doing great.”

That second sentiment segued nicely into Moxley’s thoughts on the Dynamite/NXT battle on Wednesday nights:

“We want to keep growing this thing. I don’t stress about it but it’s always good news when we get more people than last week. I don’t decide what time or what night or what channel we’re on so for me, my job is to make sure that the people that are watching have the best experience possible. I don’t really stress about the people that are not watching or the channels turned to something else - f***ing Food Network or f***ing MTV, NXT or whatever.

“We wanna keep bringing in new fans - Wednesday nights is becoming wrestling night. When I was a kid I watched everything so all the kids out there who are like me are probably flicking back and forth between NXT and AEW which is great because when I was a kid I was flicking back and forth between Nitro and Raw. So what’s happening is Wednesday nights are replacing Monday night. Wednesday is wrestling night for people now.”

The previous AEW World champ is very talkative when it comes to what programming decisions the execs should make, so while Mox isn’t alone in his “I just like having more good wrestling” take, it’s still nice to see.

Give us your takes on Moxley’s takes below, Cagesiders.

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