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A Bullet Club reunion could still happen in WWE

For a while there, when Finn Bálor was on the WWE main roster along with AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, fans would wish for or wonder about a reunion between four guys who were big players in New Japan’s Bullet Club at the peak of the faction’s popularity.

AJ & the Good Brothers were put together as The OC before Gallows & Anderson were released, and a moment was teased backstage at last year’s SummerSlam...

But that was it... until a couple weeks back, after Bálor defeated Adam Cole for the vacant NXT championship, the pair shared a “Too Sweet” moment backstage. Cole was a Biz Cliz member back during the last year of his Ring of Honor run, written out via a beatdown by Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks after his contract expired & he signed with WWE.

It caught the eye of the Phenomenal One...

It also rekindled the conversation, at least enough for Finn to be asked about it during an interview with Hindustan Times:

“It [a WWE Bullet Club reunion] is something that people have been talking about for almost 6 years. I feel like all the pieces haven’t been in place yet. You need that perfect moment. It wasn’t right for AJ at the time, wasn’t right for me or Adam at the time. But there will come a point in time all the stars align where we would able to get a club moment with me AJ and Adam included.”

Worth noting that The Prince was asked about a “reunion” and responded by using the word “moment.” As with the SummerSlam scene, and a “Too Sweet” between AJ and Finn after their match at TLC in 2017, we’ve had a few moments. Will we ever get a super-group of the three Bullet Club Superstars?

Just something to ponder on a Monday. Let us know if you’d be interested in seeing WWE put Bálor, Cole & Styles together for a run at some point.

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