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John Morrison is a movie idea mastermind, such as Bearicane

When John Morrison retires from professional wrestling, he may have a second career as a movie idea mastermind. Bearicane? William Wallace, Sasquatch hunter? Superpowered souls saving lives? Yes to all, please.

One of the reasons Morrison left the WWE in 2011 was to make a movie. He actually sold his Palace of Wisdom beach house to finance Boone: The Bounty Hunter as executive producer, co-writer, and star. A reality show bounty hunter wasn’t his only movie idea.

Morrison discussed his film concepts in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

My personal favorite is William Wallace, Sasquatch hunter.

Morrison: Descendant of William Wallace. His name’s Billy. Works for Scotland Yard. Trying to bust a drug ring. He gets suspended and goes to the Highlands of Scotland, where his grandma tells him that he actually is a descendant of William Wallace. Then a Sasquatch takes his high school sweetheart, and they realize that the Sasquatches have been smuggling these drugs. He gets killed by a ‘squatch then resurrected and has Sasquatch-like powers.

Morrison used his experience acting in Sharknado 5 as inspiration for Bearicane.

Chris Van Vliet

Morrison: Since you said Sharknado, this is very Sharknado-y. So, this is me and Taya. We got Presley (Morrison’s dog). If you think about it, it’s a hurricane with bears. You know? Prehistoric bears, koala bears, brown bears, black bears, grizzly bears.

The most serious idea in Morrison’s mental rolodex revolves around superpowered souls.

Morrison: It’s not necessarily called Quick Souls, but the idea is souls are born into the world with only four days to live. To figure out what it means to be human, and fulfill their potential, and then in the last hour of their life they have kind of a superpower power-hour, and then they expire. So, it’s partly inspired by Blade Runner, because the blade runners only had four years to live. But, this is four days.

So, the crux of this is there’s a villain and a hero. And they’re both kind of friends, but then they both quickly realize the villain’s purpose is to hurt and destroy and the hero’s purpose is to save. But the hero falls in love with a another soul, quick soul, and he has to choose between spending time with the woman he loves and saving people he doesn’t know from this other guy. So, that’s pretty serious.

WWE Films should give Morrison a development contract immediately. Morrison realizes these aren’t $100 million dollar ideas, so perhaps WWE Films could pivot to a Troma style of low-budget productions. I’m sure Morrison could come up with an idea inspired by The Toxic Avenger to air on the WWE Network.

In between daydreams of William Wallace, Sasquatch hunter and Bearicane, be sure to check out Morrison’s recently released short film, The Speed of Time. Morrison travels through time to save the world from an evil Dolph Ziggler.

Would you watch any of those movies based on Morrison’s ideas? Which of the three is your favorite?

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