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Yeah, Undertaker is probably coming back for another match

Undertaker WWE

When The Last Ride documentary on The Undertaker aired, it felt like a fitting end to a legendary career for one of the all time greats. It told the story of a man trying to come to grips with the end, and the eternal struggle to let go of the only career he’s ever known. Through it all, it felt like he was gearing up for the end, and when the last episode hit, he seemed content.

In fact, the documentary may have been his own way of forcing himself to the end of the line.

But that may not end up being the case.

Of course.

As he told the My Mom’s Basement podcast (transcription via Fightful):

“It was in my thought process. I have a whole group of people who are like, ‘You can go out and do this, people will go crazy.’ On the inside, I’m thinking, ‘I don’t move the way I used to move, it’s a watered down version.’ I also love this business so much and love performing. It’s almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop. Once we started rolling with this, it was in the back of my mind, ‘I can get to a point where this will solidify it and I won’t have a choice.’ Originally, that’s where I was at until I had to send the last 15 minutes to the Chairman [Vince McMahon]. He didn’t like the ending at all. That’s where we put the line back in there, ‘never say never.’ I’m coming to grips with it. Obviously, as we get close to [WrestleMania], I’ll have that internal feeling like I should be getting ready for something.”

I’m not sure why McMahon didn’t like the end. I thought it was fantastic. Perhaps Vince is no different than Undertaker himself and simply doesn’t want to let go.

But, hey, Triple H has been saying he didn’t think the Boneyard match at WrestleMania was Undertaker’s last. So, yeah, we should probably just assume he’ll be back for one more ride.

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