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The Rock reveals his entire family got COVID-19

In an Instagram post just a short time ago, The Rock revealed his entire family has tested positive for COVID-19:

He does report, however, that his family is on the mend and coming out on the other side okay:

“I am happy to tell you guys that we, as a family, are good. We are on the other end of it, we are on the other side, we are no longer contagious, and we are, thank god, we are healthy. We have gotten through COVID-19 stronger and healthier. Believe me, I am counting my blessings because like all of us, we all have been hit by this thing, whether it is people we know, family we know, loved ones we know, friends we know. So we are counting our blessings right now because we’re well aware that it isn’t always the case you get on the other end of COVID-19 stronger and healthier.”

Stay safe out there, folks.

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