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Big E proved he can be intimidating and funny at the same time

If you’ve had the dubious pleasure of following my musings on pro wrestling for any length of time, you probably know of my affinity for Heel Biker Taker.

Much of my love for the American Badass as a bad guy had to do with how great he was at talking $#!+ while kicking butt. It was a skill he showed off again during WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard Match, and helped make that a fitting capstone to the Dead Man’s career (if he can stay retired this time).

Why am I bringing any of this up today?

Because on SmackDown last night (Sept 18), we got a segment which has been pointed to as Big E “getting serious,” as many critics have said he needed to in order to have a chance to main event as a singles wrestler. The New Day’s muscle man set-up Sheamus and the security guard who helped the Celtic Warrior set him up two weeks ago.

E’s serious as a heart attack, but at the same time he proves the point that he, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston have been making all along... let New Day be New Day. Large Epsilon’s goofball side still comes through a bit while beating down the extra. He doesn’t know the man’s name, so he decides to call him “Larry.”

Larry seems to think E’s playing, so after he gets slapped in the face a lot, he gets suplexed onto a car windshield. The cherry on top of this ass-whoopin’ sundae is E’s smile as Adam Pearce gets him to back out of the garage, and the shouted warning to “Sheam-o” about what’s gonna happen to him if he keeps playing.

The man’s been telling us all along, he knows when to get serious.

And I’m not saying he’s Heel Biker Taker, but E’s showing us he knows the same thing the Phenom does - you can be intimidating and funny at the same time.

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