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Raw will have two matches with Clash of Champions implications

The Sept. 21 edition of Raw is the last before Clash of Champions. WWE’s added one match that could affect the PPV line-up to Monday’s show - and one that definitely will.

One was announced via the above commercial, and is a do-over from last Monday, with the same stipulation in place. If Keith Lee can defeat WWE champ Drew McIntyre AND Randy Orton isn’t cleared for his scheduled Ambulance match title shot at Clash, Lee will take Orton’s place. The reason Orton’s status is in doubt is because McIntyre “injured” him by hitting him with a trio of his Claymore finishers two weeks ago.

This one is further muddled by the fact the first Lee/McIntyre clash was interrupted by a RETRIBUTION attack. WWE also hasn’t said what happens if Randy can’t get cleared and the champ beats The Limitless One, which more or less telegraphs the fact The Viper is fine anyway, but...

We’re also get a Triple Threat to determine the #1 contenders for Tag champs Street Profits. Here we have the continuation of the long-running issues between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio Family, with Rollins teaming with the Disciple he just beat up (and who Aalyah Mysterio took pity on) just last Monday. There’s also Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins’ frequent challengers Andrade & Angel Garza, who’ve been having their own issues getting along with each other and manager Zelina Vega.


These go along with the already booked Raw Underground fight between Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato.

Sadly, there’s no tag line this week, so “In Your Face” appears to have been a one-off. Maybe since the NFL didn’t hurt Raw’s ratings, they’re saving the subtitles for PPV?

Anyway... sound like a good way to spend you Monday night?

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