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Melina: ‘I AM NOT signed with the WWE’

Melina’s Twitter

Yesterday (Sept. 18), a report came out stating that former WWE Women’s & Divas champion Melina had re-signed with the company and was set for an imminent debut.

Not so fast, she says. In a post to her official Facebook, Melina emphatically denies the report... for now.

“This makes my heart ache because I love my fans so much. I want you to realize that these sites that claim they know what’s happening don’t. How many times have they falsely reported things about me and said I am returning? You can’t believe them because they do not report real or correct news. They often twist things up to get clicks.

“I AM NOT signed with the WWE. But that doesn’t mean it is not a possibility. My reason for this post is that it bothers me that these sites lie to fans. If I potentially get signed, don’t forgive them for lying to you. I know there are those that aren’t a fan of mine, but I still will care about them as I do my own fans. I don’t like when people lie to you and/or bring your hopes up. You deserve better than that. YOU should demand better than that. They think it’s ok to pull these stunts because you’ll still follow or click that link. You should follow sites that don’t treat you like you’re stupid and do not lie to you. It seems like a lot of wrestling news sites do that though.

“I don’t know what my future will hold but I know 2020 has taken so much from me. From all of us. Going back home to the WWE would feel like everything I’ve gone through was for this very moment. But we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“There’s so much more than just give someone a contract. I lost my father last month, am I emotionally ready? I’m 41, am I physically capable? Is there a story available? Simply talking to the WWE makes my heart happy. I am grateful for my time with them. One day I’ll come home but when the time is right. So if it doesn’t happen now, Im sorry you thought I was returning. If it does happen... well these sites ruined a great surprise. You should be upset that they cheated you of that moment if it happens.

“If I don’t come back, it’s ok. My life is always about gratitude & positivity. Melina will always find & create happiness even when it seems like there is none. But If I return, I am going to put every bit of heart in it in honor of my father and every bit on my soul for the loyal fans who followed all these years, standing by me through the good and the bad. I love you all so much. Never forget that. Please stay safe.”

In all but admitting discussions about a return are in progress, Melina gives us a sign that there’s something to Mike Johnson’s report for PW Insider. I definitely don’t want to come across as belittling Melina’s loss, or even discount her legitimate “more than a contract” questions about a return, but we’ve been here before. News comes out that pre-empts an official announcement or potentially ruins a surprise - the wrestler involved denies it and takes jabs at the wrestling press/web.

It’s a bummer that her first appearance won’t be a total shock for everyone, sure. But there’s no other sports or entertainment business where contract talks or casting decisions aren’t fair game for the media. There’s a market for wrestling news, and outlets like Wrestling Observer, PWInsider, Pro Wrestling Torch, Fightful and others* work to meet the demand. Sure, there are sleazy wrestling websites out there. But that doesn’t mean everyone is lying to you for clicks.

TL; DR - Melina says she didn’t sign with WWE... yet. This writer thinks she will... soon.

* We’re just humble bloggers here at cSs. Reporters report; one of the things we do is share those reports with observations and analysis that hopefully make you think, laugh, or both.

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