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Ronda Rousey with some non-PG video game trash talk about Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey’s Facebook

Fresh off some hints she might actually end her WWE hiatus before her contract expires next year, Ronda Rousey added more grist to the internet wrestling mill last night (Sept. 18).

Rousey was playing the just-released WWE 2K Battlegrounds during a livestream on her Facebook page. It was part of a fundraiser for those who are fighting or have been victims of the California wildfires - a good cause you can support on the stream here. While shopping for characters to unlock, Ronda toggled over her old nemesis Becky Lynch.

The Rowdy One was not happy with the ability score the developers assigned to The Man. Ronda also used the game’s gimmick (locked wrestlers are shown as boxed action figures until you purchase them) to make some jokes about Lynch’s, uh, private area. She also threw in a quick giggle about Becky’s fiance and their sex life.

“They gave Becky the same [rating] as me? Psh, you know that’s bullshit.

“I’m gonna leave Becky Lynch’s box alone, because I ain’t into that fire crotch shit, you know what I mean? [laughs] I don’t want no ginger box [laughs]. Nobody does - except for maybe Seth Rollins, you know. That’s his thing.”

Probably not the kind of thing WWE will use in a build should Rousey and Lynch return, but it keeps the rivalry alive.

And, hey. Becky was the one who started with the jokes about significant others and genitalia...

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