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Former champion returning to WWE ‘within the next week’ (SPOILER)

A report from PWInsider claims that five-time WWE Women’s champion Melina has signed a contract to return to the company. Further, Mike Johnson’s sources tell him she’ll debut on television “within the next week,” although it has not been decided whether she’ll be a Raw or SmackDown Superstar.

Melina, who’s legal last name is Perez, was with WWE from 2004 - 2011. She was initially a manager - most famously with John Morrison (then Johnny Nitro) & Joey Mercury in MNM - before transitioning into a singles star, winning the Women’s title three times and the Divas belt twice.

After being released, Melina took some time off from wrestling. She returned on the independents in 2015, and made a surprise appearance on Lucha Underground’s first season finale with Morrison (then Mundo). Recently, the 41 year old has worked for WOW and the NWA, but she’s done with everyone else now that she’s back in the WWE fold.

Excited to have another legend of the past back on Raw or SmackDown? What do you think the future holds for Melina in WWE?

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