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Vince McMahon is a big Zelina Vega fan

Zelina Vega’s Instagram

A lengthy but not terribly active Andrade U.S. title run aside, the various configurations of Zelina Vega’s stable haven’t picked up do a whole lot of meaningful wins this year. But Vega and her clients have been a steady presence on Monday nights during the pandemic era.

No surprise then to learn that the man in charge loves Zelina’s work; Vince McMahon is a big fan. She explained as much on this week’s edition of D-Von Dudley’s streaming discussion show, Table Talk:

“Before quarantine happened, Vince would always say, ‘You’re one of my favorites. You’re one of the reasons I watch Raw. I love your character.’ It was such an honor to hear him say that. One thing he would say to me was, ‘You remind me of Stephanie [McMahon]. She was always working out there. You’re a cutaway machine, I love that about you.’ I was legit ready to cry. I love Steph, she’s a huge inspiration to me and this character.“

Vega also says that Paul Heyman was a big supporter of her’s back when he was still working on Raw. Despite all these powerful supporters, Zelina knows she might not be in her current spot if it weren’t for the “prevailing circumstances.” She also seems to confirm a rumor in the process (not that it’s a big surprise after last Monday):

“It’s wild to think that if this quarantine didn’t happen, I wonder where I’d be. I wonder if I’d be getting a Raw Women’s Title shot against Asuka.”

How big a Zelina Vega fan are you? Are you on-board with her facing the Empress for the belt?

Transcription via Fightful

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