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Gerald Brisco got in on the ‘big announcement’ racket

What’s a recently laid off Hall of Famer gonna do with his free time after 36 years working for WWE?

Get to work, that’s what!

Gerald Brisco was furloughed back in April, and recently officially let go after talking to his kayfabe and shoot boss, Vince McMahon. In between tweets about gratitude toward his former employer and his beloved Tampa Bay sports teams, the former Stooge started teasing news about his future.

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it.

The “big announcement” came on Wednesday, and while your mileage will vary, I got a kick out of it.

Brisco summons all his grandpa energy (hey, the man is 73!) by starting the video worrying about whether the Android he borrowed from his wife is recording. Then he cheekily plugs his Cameo and Pro Wrestling Tees store - two things he wouldn’t be able to hawk if he was still working for Mr. McMahon - before getting to his future plans...

Maybe next Wednesday.

I saved the cookbook and pregnancy jokes for y’all. Get busy in the comments. We’ll keep you posted if Gerry ever figures out his wife’s phone.

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