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Ronda Rousey hints at a return to WWE

We’re coming up on a year-and-a-half since Ronda Rousey left pro wrestling after a pinfall loss to Becky Lynch (Charlotte Flair was also there, for reasons no one but Vince McMahon is quite clear on) in the main event of WrestleMania 35.

Rousey’s stayed tangentially connected to WWE during the past 17 months, and company executives insist the former Raw Women’s champion will return. For her part, Ronda has discussed a comeback in terms of “if” not “when” - and should she come back, she’s made it clear it’ll be for “stints” as opposed to full-time.

Recently, we’ve seen some signs one of those “stints” could be on the horizon. Last week, Ariel Toombs - daughter of Ronda’s namesake Rowdy Roddy Piper who’s done some wrestling under the name Teal Piper - posted pictures from a training session with Rousey and JTG.

And yesterday (Sept. 17), after WWE uploaded the full video of her impromptu banger with Natalya from the Christmas Eve 2018 edition of Raw, Rousey was talking rematch...

... and Nattie put on a little pressure for old training partner to hurry up and make it happen:

You’d think WWE would want to wait for the return of in-person audiences for a big return like Rousey’s, but Ronda may not be worried about whether or not there are “fucking ungrateful fans” in the seats.

Maybe she’s waiting for The Man to become The Mom so she can get her win back?

If that’s how they do it, hopefully they can leave Charlotte out of it this time*.

* No disrespect intended toward The Queen, I just want to see Becky & Ronda one-on-one. Their rivalry deserves it.

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