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Ricochet denies rumor that he plans to leave WWE

A couple days ago, there was a rumor from the WrestleVotes Twitter account about an unspecified WWE talent who wasn’t planning to re-sign with WWE once their current deal expires. Twitter user rovert followed up on this rumor by saying that it looks like the superstar in question is Ricochet, and nobody is surprised by that.

The reason it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Ricochet is because he has been a jobber on the main roster ever since being squashed by Brock Lesnar back in February at Super ShowDown 2020. Ricochet is a supremely talented wrestler who is being wasted in WWE.

The rumor about Ricochet spread fast enough where he ultimately addressed it on Twitter. Ricochet flatly denied telling anybody that he’s leaving WWE:

I’m sure that will settle things down, and the rumors about Ricochet leaving WWE will instantly go away.


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