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Booker T thinks Miro missed the boat on his anti-WWE promo

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T offered some pretty big compliments towards AEW wrestler Miro, formerly known as Rusev in WWE. He expects that Miro will have a big impact in AEW. However, he did think that Miro missed the boat with his anti-WWE brass ring promo:

“One thing I think he missed the boat on though, and this [is] just me talking, going to AEW and then first night, boom, jab at WWE. That’s alright, but I just think, man if you want to really really add fuel to the fire, you want the star to really really shine bright, you start causing havoc before you leave the company. I always say, man if they fire me at work, I’m breaking something on the way out. You know what I’m saying?...I’m making noise, somebody going to want to sign me immediately. Then I come in and then I’m really talking major noise and just going all the way over the top. So a moment was missed. For you young guys out there, there’s a moment, you only get it once, and then that moment, poof, it’s gone forever. It’s like a miracle, just disappears.”

Instead of rolling his eyes at yet another AEW wrestler cutting an anti-WWE promo, it sounds like Booker T is going the other way with it and suggesting that Miro didn’t do enough ahead of time to set that promo up. He then encourages young wrestlers out there to create a bigger splash on the way out the door, I think.

What do you make of Booker T’s take on the situation?

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