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Mickie James on her weird loss to Asuka: ‘I may have gotten screwed’

Mickie James challenged Asuka for the Raw women’s championship earlier this week (Sept. 14), and the match ended in a truly bizarre fashion. The referee appeared to botch the ending when Mickie was attempting to pin Asuka while stuck in the Asuka Lock. The ref called the match at that point, declaring Asuka the winner because Mickie James was unable to continue. Mickie looked completely shocked by that decision. It was a very confusing situation.

James appeared on WWE’s The Bump and directly addressed the ending to the match. Trish Stratus was there as well, acknowledging that the end of the match didn’t make sense. Mickie agreed and said she was ‘heartbroken’ and ‘devastated’ by the loss. She was still fighting and was trying to roll back to cover Asuka, and she doesn’t know why the referee deemed her unable to continue. James finished addressing the situation by saying “I don’t want to say I got screwed, but I may have gotten screwed.”

You can see her full reaction to the bizarre loss by checking out the above video. And let us know in the comments if you think WWE needs to book a championship rematch to make things right for Mickie James.

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