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This Shotzi Blackheart promo is making me feel things

Ahead of their match on NXT tonight (Aug. 16), Shotzi Blackheart is selling her showdown with Io Shirai by, among other things, stapling a small sign that reads “HURT ME” to her chest.

The goal of pro wrestling is to connect with the audience and take them on a journey, and Blackheart certainly got an emotional response out of me with this video.

“When someone tells you not to do something, doesn’t that make you want to do it even more? Io, I like you too. But when you said ‘don’t make me hurt you’? It kind of sounded like a threat. But do I look scared to you? Some people fear pain. But me? I invite it. Look, I don’t want to have to spell it out for you, but it kind of seems like I have to. Io, you may be champion, but can you out-crazy Shotzi Blackheart?”

What emotion is it, though? Fear? Arousal? Anticipation? Trepidation? That’s a personal issue for me to figure out, I guess. The important thing is Shotzi got a reaction.

And she offended Lacey Evans in the process, so... that’s a win/win in my book.

Join us in our NXT live blog to see how the whole “asking a certified badass like Io to kick your ass” thing works out for Tank Girl tonight.

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