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Trish Stratus thinks a match between her & Sasha Banks is ‘a pretty awesome idea’

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What a coincidence... so do we!

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was a guest on today’s edition of The Bump. The seven-time Women’s champ was there for a reunion with her friend & rival/stalker Mickie James, but before that happened, Stratus addressed one of the more frequently fantasy-booked matches in recent history... a one-on-one showdown with Sasha Banks.

We know The Boss is down for a match against one of her idols. Trish makes it clear she is, too. She even makes it sound like maybe she knows something we don’t?

“The fact of the matter is I can go back, it’s a proven thing now, right? [laughs] I love and respect Sasha so much, I love her in-ring work. Would I love a taste of that? Yes, I would. Do I think her and I would - look, here’s the thing. People are buzzing about Sasha & I and we’ve basically had a five minute interaction at Royal Rumble? That was what began the buzz, you know what I mean, that’s been like two years straight of people like buzzing about it and dreaming and hoping. And you know, I think - as a wrestling fan, do I think this is intriguing? Absolutely. I think it’s a pretty awesome idea, to be honest. And, um, yeah. That’s all I have to say about that guys.”

Let’s make it happen for Evolution 2, WWE. If that’s even on the calendar any more...