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Lana says cyberbullying may drive her and Miro off social media

Yesterday (Sept. 15), Lana and Natalya both posted the same TikTok video to their Instagrams. The comments on Nattie’s post are mostly positive. Lana’s received some kudos, but also a lot of name-calling, sexual “jokes” and general insults.

Lana went on Twitter to point out the difference, and ask people to lay off:

CJ Perry (Lana’s real name) attracts a lot of attention for a variety of reasons. From the web to Total Divas, she’s leaned into a “daffy” persona. Lana’s frequently mentioned in dirt sheets and other sources of backstage rumors. Most fans have made a joke or two about something she’s said, done, is alleged to have done, or been tasked with doing on WWE television.

But the need some people feel to seek her out online to make hateful and hurtful remarks like “I used to think cyberbullying was wrong. But lana showed me some folks legitimately deserve it” (and worse) is sad.

Many have rallied to support Lana since she tweeted last night, but it shouldn’t take threats and public pleas to let people post in peace. But then many of us naively thought the Hana Kimura tragedy would lead to more good online behavior, and that was just a few months ago.

The internet continues to prove it’s really hard for us to not be assholes to one another.

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