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Is WWE doing a Romeo & Juliet thing with Aalyah Mysterio & Murphy?

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It was just a moment in the aftermath of Seth Rollins win over Dominik Mysterio on Raw last night (Sept. 14), but it’s a moment WWE is calling attention to.

The Monday Night Messiah not only pinned Dominik after hitting him with a curb stomp, he also decimated his disciple Murphy for some poorly executed assistance during the steel cage match. As has often been the case throughout the (loooong) Mysterio/Rollins program, Dominik’s parents and sister were on-hand for his match. The family all went into the cage to check on Rey & Angie’s son after his loss, but not before daughter Aalyah briefly checked on Murphy.

WWE cameras made sure to capture the moment in the above still and this video:

An attraction between people on opposite sides of a feud could be interesting. There are certainly pretty famous examples of it throughout the ages, and Rey has never hesitated to involve his family in an angle.

If WWE is doing a Romeo & Juliet thing with Aalyah & Murphy, they have to expect some criticism for even teasing a relationship between a 19 year woman and a man in his early 30s - especially in the wake of #SpeakingOut. Maybe they’re thinking controversy equals cash. Or perhaps it was just an improvised moment by young Ms. Mysterio.

What do you think? Were they planting the seeds for a star-crossed romance angle? Would you be interested or appalled if they are?