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Braun Strowman debuts on Raw Underground

Braun Strowman may be a wrestler on Friday Night SmackDown, and WWE may have a brand-to-brand invitation gimmick set up to explain when wrestlers jump brands, but according to Michael Cole on Monday Night Raw this week, that doesn’t apply to Raw Underground. He said, more or less, “anyone can show up.”


So he showed up with a head full of steam and told Shane McMahon to, and I’m not making this up, “get out of my way right now before you end up cast in a wake of my destruction!” I guess whoever is writing promos for RETRIBUTION got their hands on Strowman’s script here.

Once he got in, he hung around until deciding to randomly run in on the Dolph Ziggler vs. Riddick Moss, using two power moves to take out both.

He beat up another random guy before Moss came back for more and put down yet again. Titus O’Neil ran in to get involved in the party, and he was tucked to bed almost immediately by way of a guillotine choke. Strowman went in for some ground-n-pound after but Shane O’Mac called him off.

During all this Dabba-Kato was standing ringside looking like he might jump in. Finally, after Ziggler and Riddick came back for even more and were once again swiftly dealt with, Kato stepped up.

Which is when McMahon rushed to stop them, making clear if it was going to happen it would be next week. Promoters gotta promoter and all that.

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