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RETRIBUTION are preparing to unmask ... I guess?

The latest promo from RETRIBUTION on Monday Night Raw this week sure makes it sound like they’re going to reveal themselves soon:

“Listen up, to you and all the other so called Superstars: we are the product of empty promises, the results of lies, greed, and betrayal. We once trusted, but now we walk with eyes wide open.

“We see what you are: waste, scrap, byproduct. When you show loyalty to an entity that casts people aside like garbage, you become garbage. When you sell your soul to a corrupt machine, you become corrupt. Like you, we once believed that our time at a Performance Center would lead us to fame and wealth; unlike you, we refused to suck up to an entitled regime. So while you enjoy your last days of oblivion, we prepare to show you exactly who we are while we gut your reality. We are RETRIBUTION.”

Who is writing this stuff?!? “Enjoy your last days of oblivion.”

Intimidating stuff!

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