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AJ Styles wants to win tag team titles in WWE, and he’s already picked out a partner

After losing the Intercontinental championship to Jeff Hardy a few weeks ago, AJ Styles casually discussed on his Twitch stream that he would like to take a shot at winning tag team gold in WWE.

Plenty of fans must be excited by the idea, because he addressed it again on his Twitch stream this week, and explained what he has in mind:

“At some point before I retire, I hope I have the opportunity to win the tag team championships, and then I’ll do what very little have done, and be able to say that I’ve had ‘em all in WWE. So, we shall see.”

AJ mentioned that he would love to do it with Finn Balor (wouldn’t we all?):

“It would be a Too Sweet moment, for sure, if we won the tag team titles together, right? That’s what everybody wants. Let’s just give everybody what they want. That’d be awesome.”

If AJ really wants WWE to give him what he wants, maybe all he has to do is grab a mic and channel his inner Dave Batista. He also might have to win the 24/7 title to truly win all the gold that WWE has to offer, but AJ admitted that he doesn’t know if that title even counts.

The Phenomenal One shares some other interesting thoughts on his Twitch stream, such as the fact that he was never the leader of the Bullet Club. He says a match with CM Punk will never happen because he’s “not a fan”, but he would absolutely love to step into the squared circle with Triple H at WrestleMania. So go ahead and check out his Twitch stream if you want to hear more pro wrestling talk from AJ Styles.

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