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Even Drew McIntyre is poking fun at Keith Lee’s new theme music

Once of the most bizarre things about Keith Lee’s call-up to WWE’s main roster is that his entrance music has been changed, and the overwhelming consensus is that it is now far worse. Lee heard the fan outcry about it and tried to reassure everyone that it’s not the end of the world.

Now WWE champion Drew McIntyre is poking fun at the situation. He and Lee will have a singles match against each other tomorrow night (Sept. 14) on an “In Your Face” edition of Raw, and Drew joked about adding some stakes to their match, via this exchange on Twitter:

Not every match needs to be about world titles and personal animosity. When Vince McMahon is ripping up and rewriting Raw’s script 10 minutes before the show begins, hopefully one of the writers will be able to convince him to add a “If Keith Lee wins, he gets to choose his own entrance music” stipulation to the match.

All joking aside, what do you think of Keith Lee’s booking on the main roster so far? Is he headed for another disqualification finish on Raw against Drew McIntyre?

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