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Bayley explains why she turned on Sasha Banks

WWE took the long route with the Bayley-Sasha Banks story, building tension between the two for what felt like forever until they lost both the Raw women’s championship (in Sasha’s case) and the tag team titles. When they lost the rematch, finally one of them turned on the other.

Bayley put the boots to Banks to get the ball rolling on what should be one hell of a feud.

So what was the explanation she gave for the turn?

“… You guys want answers? Well, actually, I’m full of questions right now. So, Sasha, I know that you’re watching — do you think I’m some sort of idiot? Do you think that I’m so naive after all these years that I didn’t know what you were thinking all along? Seriously, after everything that we’ve been through who knows you better than me? Nobody.

“You were waiting for the right time to strike. You kept me close. In my first break in WWE you brought me in as your tag team partner just to keep me close enough, huh? When I had my first Raw women’s championship match you made sure to be right there to be a part of it because you needed me close. You followed me this year to Friday Night SmackDown and when you saw me at the top of my game you needed to become 2 Belts Banks, didn’t you? You pretended to be my best friend but all along you were using me. And do you know how I know that?

“Because I was using you. I never cared about you, and I damn sure didn’t care about our friendship. I used you every single step of the way. And thanks to you, I became 2 Belts Banks, huh, 2 Belts Bayley, Bayley Dos Straps, the first ever grand slam women’s champion. And thanks to you, I am the longest reigning SmackDown women’s champion.

“But after last week, you are completely useless to me.”


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