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Vince McMahon is no longer one of the 400 wealthiest Americans

Vince McMahon’s personal finances are thriving during a global pandemic. But other billionaires must be faring even better than he is, because Forbes just dropped Vince off their list of the 400 wealthiest Americans.

In a reminder that billionaires are doing extremely well in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Forbes sums up the collective wealth of these 400 billionaires as follows:

“Members of The Forbes 400 list of richest Americans are 8% wealthier than last year, with a record collective net worth of $3.2 trillion.”

The 400th wealthiest American billionaire on the list was worth 2.1 billion dollars, so McMahon’s net worth of 1.8 billion dollars just wasn’t disgustingly rich enough to qualify this time.

Here is their blurb on what led to Vince falling off the list:

“The pandemic struck a blow to the live wrestling events put on by World Wrestling Entertainment, where McMahon is chief executive and chairman. Ticket and merchandise sales took a hit and shares fell 31% from early January through late July. McMahon also lost some $200 million on the XFL, his NFL competitor. It was forced to cancel its season in March and filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. A group including Dwayne “The Rock’’ Johnson agreed to buy the league in August for a reported $15 million.”

Who could have guessed that the XFL would backfire on McMahon once again? It’s shocking, I tell you.

It’s also worth noting that Shad Khan ranked at number 66, with a net worth of 7.8 billion dollars. Maybe Tony Khan can scrap a few bucks together and find the right dollar figure to sign free agent Brock Lesnar to a mega deal, after all.

Pro wrestling remains a rich person’s business, folks, despite WWE’s latest round of financial cuts.

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