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CM Punk mocks WWE’s inability to create new stars

CM Punk’s occasional appearance on WWE Backstage was enough to convince some fans that an in-ring return to WWE was inevitable, but his coded tweets certainly don’t suggest that’s the case.

Punk fielded some fan questions on Twitter yesterday, where he joked about dumping kitty litter on the Undertaker in the build up to WrestleMania 29. He also complimented the work of “Prince Mysterio”, showing that Punk still has his eyes on the current WWE product to some degree.

But his most interesting response came with a shot at WWE’s reliance on part-timers and inability to create new stars. When asked who he sees as the next mega star in wrestling, Punk replied with “There is nobody”. That set the stage for this follow-up question and answer.

On Punk’s infamous tell-all podcast with Colt Cabana from almost six years ago, he detailed his frustrations with WWE constantly booking him to lose to all the part-timers he cited above. He then took credit for creating the concept of The Shield and selecting Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as members of that group, trying to emphasize the importance of creating new stars and giving the top wrestlers new talent to work with. Punk’s above response remains consistent with his general point that WWE doesn’t plan for the future.

Punk was also asked if he got in trouble with WWE for using a banned piledriver on John Cena in a match on Raw from February 2013:

Finally, Punk doesn’t pull any punches when identifying the best moment of his wrestling career:

Yeah, I’ll be bold enough to predict that we won’t see Punk competing in a WWE ring any time soon.

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