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WWE SmackDown preview (Sept. 11, 2020): Why, Bayley, why?

WWE SmackDown returns tonight (Sept. 11) from the ThunderDome located in the AmWay Center in Orlando, Florida. They are building towards Clash of Champions on Sept. 27.

The Headliner:

It happened. It finally happened. Bayley versus Sasha 2.0 (but for real this time) is ON.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for Sasha Banks. First, she loses her Raw Women’s Championship, then she lost the rematch, then she loses the Women’s Tag Team Championships (well SHE didn’t lose them. Bayley tapped out...), then she lost THAT rematch and finally, she was brutally beaten by her so-called “best friend” The SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Man, some people just don’t have any luck at all, do they?

Tonight we hear Bayley’s side of the story when she explains why she turned on her long time friend, what she hoped to accomplish, and just how much better she thinks she is than one Sasha Banks. It’s going to take a lot of bravado to cover up just how worried Bayley is that Sasha is coming for her championship.

The big question is, will Sasha show up? On the one hand, Bayley did a number on her already injured knee. Who knows if she will even be cleared to be there? On the other hand, Sasha Banks is a certified badass, and Bayley deserves a beating.

Regardless, we’re finally getting the pay off WWE has been building to for LITERAL years. I’m so happy I could cry.

The Title Scene:

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are a terrible duo. Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch. When I say terrible, I mean it in the true definition of the word: likely to cause terror; sinister. They have been together for a few short weeks, and already the landscape of both SmackDown and The Universal Championship has changed. It feels... what’s that word...oh yeah, IMPORTANT again. You know, like how the MAIN CHAMPIONSHIP of the show should feel. They have gravitas. So much gravitas that they don’t need to worry about silly things like family. Sorry Uce, your cuz is going to murder you.

It seems as though we are on our way to a super fun threesome (phrasing) for the Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions. Jeff Hardy is technically the champion, but Sami Zayn has some very valid points (as always) re: him never losing the championship. Also, AJ Styles is there.

On Monday night, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions surprised their Raw counterparts when they showed up and offered up a challenge when they invoked the long-forgotten (for good reason) brand to brand invitational rule! Next week on RAW, it will be champions versus champions. Tonight expect a Street Profits run in. It’s only fair, after all!

When Sasha and Bayley held the Women’s Tag Team Championships, they were all over Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. Shayna and Nia haven’t held the championships for long enough for us to know what to expect (and, truly, will we ever know what to expect with this duo?), but I hope they keep the tradition alive. Last week, they faced Sasha & Bayley on SmackDown, helping to facilitate Bayley’s turn on Sasha. Maybe tonight they come back to gloat? They seem like the type.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:

-A new friend is coming to the Firefly Funhouse tonight! Will it be another puppet? Or will it be the one and only Alexa Bliss finally succumbing to whatever magic The Fiend is wielding?

-Last week Big E was shamelessly attacked by Sheamus before he could celebrate his bro Xavier Woods birthday. He was taken to a local medical facility (while Sheamus evil villain monologued) and had to give up his slot in the number one contender match. Tonight, expect retribution. No, not that kind.

-Speaking of Retribution, it’s still a thing. They cut a weird promo on Raw this week (love an anarchist group with good branding) and are sure to have some kind of follow up tonight.

-Expect more Miz & Morrison vs. Heavy Machinery shenanigans. I mean, you don’t steal a man’s ham sandwich and just get away with it!

-And finally, perhaps tonight we find out if there is a person attached to those feet. Okay...that sounded weird. You know what, anything I write is going to sound weird. They just had to make it about feet, didn’t they?

What will you be looking for when SmackDown returns tonight at 8 ET on Fox?

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